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Brown County Serenade Vol. 1

This album started developing when I found myself at a crossroads in the spring of 2010. I had not written any songs for a couple of years which I surmise is due to an unhappy marriage and an unfulfilling cover music project that I devoted years of my life to. When that marriage and project ended painfully, I found solace and healing in the love I received from family and all my friends, many of which reside in  Brown County Indiana.

This and the indescribable feeling and peace I get from that beautiful region allowed music to come back to me and all of the sudden I was writing again frantically.

Not all of these songs in Vol. 1 or 2 are about Brown County directly. They are about various things, but all linked by a vibe that reflects where my head was at. The albums are a tribute to that place and the people that helped give me the strength to write and record them.

During this process I reconnected with many friends I had lost touch with including former members of my old band The Whiskey Brothers, Joe Johnson, Tommy Johnson, and Curt Gallion. These guys had formed The Lazy River Band. The more we were hanging out together, we started to work on these songs together and I ended up recording most of the record at Loving Cup Studio in Mooresville IN where The Whiskey Brothers recorded.

Joe Johnson played guitar, some percussion, and co-wrote "The Journey", and "Start The Show". Tommy Johnson played all drums, some guitar and some percussion. Curt Gallion played bass on all track except "Sea Of Green" and "Start The Show". I can't stress enough how much these guys help develop the sound of this record.

I also was privileged to get some beautiful background singing on "Always" by Carol Styron and Claire Nolan. I finished some overdubs and mixed the record at Ferngully Studio in Nashville IN owned by my dear friends Charlie and Kathy Gardner. Kathy, along with Claire and Carol, provided the hand clapping on "Always".

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